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Teengirl Fantasy's swirl of Chinese Go Karts, Angelfire, warehouse rave, and The-Dream

Ecstatic ambling through the underworld: Teengirl Fantasy's Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi

NW: We really just choose an artist whose work we really love, give them the track, and let them do whatever they want. Working with Mark Brown, Kari Altmann, and the legendary IASOS has been so cool... we really love the videos each of them made. I wouldn't call them pure "visualizer," I'd say that their looks are pretty intentional rather than automated.  However maybe we just have a pretty high tolerance for rave graphix. I could watch fractals pulse to trance for hours.

LT: Honestly we never intentionally were looking for a unifying aesthetic between our videos, but it is kind of funny to go back and look at the things they have in common. I spent a lot of time watching 'beyond the mind's eye' videos as a child and I think that had an effect on my threshold for abstract 3D FX.

SFBG The title of your album, 7AM is kind of an in-joke to old-school ravers, conjuring up both the kooky bombast of KLF's "3AM Eternal" and warehouse bragging, as in "Dude, I was there at 7 a.m. when Richie Hawtin dropped 'Pacific 707.'" Do you guys deliberately build references and concepts into your tracks beforehand, or do they come out of a more organic jamming process?

NW It really is an organic process. We won't usually start talking about a track until after we've written and recorded it. Once we start mixing, we might talk references. But when we're writing, it's really more about capturing the live feeling and strengthening improvisations.

LT It helps for us to keep that element of viscerality and response as part of the songwriting process.

SFBG Detroit techno seems a touchstone for you ...

LT Detroit!!!! Still trying to make it to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, hopefully this year. Huge fan of the music that comes out of that city.

TEENGIRL FANTASY with Pictureplane, Tormenta Tropical, and Donuts DJs. Sat/8, 10 p.m., $5––$10. Elbo Room, 647 Valencia, SF.

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