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Look to the skies — Pictureplane's other car is a broom

Travis Egedy: "2010 was a dark one for music aesthetically, which I think is awesome."

What Pictureplane is on about isn't completely clear at the moment, in this transitional time between albums and the commentary they generate. At a concert in San Francisco last year, Egedy's newer songs had more pop immediacy, though he pegs the recordings as "more gothic and industrial-sounding" than Dark Rift. But at this point, Egedy's a lightning rod, with everything from his attire to his DJ mixes generating endless online arguments. If he realizes this, it isn't fazing him. "The people who are trend-following, I don't know why they'd even make a style of music just because other people are doing it," he says, closing the door on the discussion of witch house. "I'd much rather be ahead of a trend than jumping in after the fact."


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