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CAREERS AND ED ISSUE: From monkeyface eel fishing to wild mushroom forays -- classes to clue you in on your surroundings

Champion monkeyface eel angler Kirk Lombard shows ForageSF students the glory of the urban fishing net

Next foray: Sat/15 10 a.m.–3 p.m., $25. Register at www.mssf.org for start location



What is even more soothing than taking a class amid the community-building rows of plants at Hayes Valley Farm? Try taking a class on how to use those very fruits and veggies (or seasonal varietals like them) toward more robust bodily health. It's part of a four-class series, but you can attend individual sessions — this upcoming one focuses on lower intestinal health, where 70 percent of your immune system lives.

Sat/19 10–11:30 a.m., $25–$50. Hayes Valley Farm, 450 Laguna, SF. www.hayesvalleyfarm.com



Of course, all this seeking and searching — it's the new year and all, but don'tcha know that desire is the root of all ignorant, pig-headed maleficence? You'd know that if you were Zen, see. But grasp no further. The SF Zen Center has been in the practice of expanding minds — often for cheap or free — for years. Take one of their friendly entry-level courses in meditation and all that new ksanti (patience) is sure to lead to some prajna (wisdom). Guest student courses offer amazing rates for meditation, lodging, and meals.

Jan. 29– March 19, 9–10 a.m., $96-$120. San Francisco Zen Center, 300 Page, SF. (415) 863-3136, www.sfzc.org



You gotta suppose that after drawing your city in intimate detail, you'd see a little more of it. A gable, a funky load-bearing pole. Maybe we just don't hang and stare at walls enough. Or maybe not, but anyway this no-credit City College class taught by artist Jacqueline Ruben explores some of SF's more artistically fertile nooks and crannies, teaching you drawing style to boot.

Feb. 26–March 19 9 a.m.–noon, $100–$110. Fort Mason, SF. (415) 561-1860.



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