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Bound by an unbroken spirit, Neurosis returns to its early days to forecast a future

Steve Von Till of Neurosis: "There's no way the emotion and intensity of what we do live can be captured."

Something is happening, and Neurosis' many devoted fans will be overjoyed to hear that the band has been playing "two new songs that are pretty close" during their recent run of shows. "We basically have some skeletons that will really evolve into the next record," says Van Till. This is momentous news, but the guitarist urges patience: "When that happens, we don't force it. In some ways, we don't feel all that responsible for creating [the music], and in a lot of ways — sure, somebody comes up with a riff or somebody comes up with an idea — but it's an unspoken spirit when we're all together in a room — it's just magic and it just clicks." Van Till insists that nothing can or should be accomplished in a hurry: "We trust the process, and the process is one of starting with some ideas, jamming them out, destroying them, and then having the come back together as a whole that's greater than anything we could have thought of ourselves."

Listening to the guitarist talk about his band's next record, one gets the sense that its arrival will be characterized by the same deliberate, gradual escalation that typifies the band's heavily-amplified climaxes. No matter which angle you approach Neurosis from, an emphasis on trust — and on the attendant forfeiture of control — is paramount. Speaking of the band's live performances, Van Till echoes this theme: "We just want to be lost in the trance of the situation, and we hope that the people present also want to just surrender and become a part of it." Those who attend the show would do well to heed his words. *


with U.S. Christmas, Yob (Sat/15), Saviours (Sun/16)

Sat/15–Sun/16, 9 p.m., $21

Great American Music Hall

859 O'Farrell, SF

(415) 885-0750 www.gamh.com

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