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Nobody's special in Yuya Ishii's comedies

Existential breakout: a girl (Hikari Mitsushima) takes charge of her destiny in Sawako Decides

Thus, Sawako Decides' most radical proposition is that "nothing special" is not simply a demoted way of being, but grounds for collectivization. Japanese culture's drive toward upper-middle class exceptionalism is exposed as a myth that should have died with the Bubble Economy (in To Walk With You, the protagonist discovers everybody's mother wants them to be a lawyer largely for lack of imagination). Like Melville's scrivener Bartleby, Sawako turns staying within one's station into an act of defiance. To be the best at being a "lower-middling person" is not defeatist. Rather, it is to embrace one's stunted potential as a generative constraint. If everyone's a loser, than no one is. *



Jan. 13–15, $6-$8

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