Nip of the pug

Dancing off the shakes with Ritual, Science of Sound, Nickodemus, Lights Down Low, and Clift Sessions

Star Eyes brings her dark-breaks charm to Lights Down Low

I guess I'm still recovering from New Year's Eve? Wow. Everybody still on a roll put your hands up, aye. This week promises to push us ever deeper into the breach, with several offerings from regular parties to freak all out about — and most important, help shake off the ghosts of your hangover. Forget that whole "raw egg in Tabasco sauce with a spoonful of honey" or whatever. The real remedy for weeks-after hung-up woes is dancing, dancing, dancing. And maybe a little hair of the dog. Or, in my case, a little pug named Jose Cuervo, who somehow snuck in to the club in my sequined baguette. Down, Jose, down! Down, I say!



Did someone say dubstep was dead? Although brainier types have drifted in more esoteric, experimental low-end directions — or just full-on embraced the U.K. grime revival — the super-fun kids at Thursday weekly Ritual have kept the wobble-bonkers spirit alive, neon balaclavas and V for Vendetta masks and all. Plus face-melting blasts of bass, of course, courtesy of residents Nebakaneza, Ro Nu, Johnny 5, and Taj. This week, Ritual celebrates moving to its spacious new home at Temple with an aquatic-themed blowout, "Ocean Adventure," featuring special guests Megalodon, Fish Finger, Octopod, Squid Eye, and Captain Smizzle. I did not make those names up, and pool toys and bathing suits are suggested.

Thu/13, 9 p.m.–3 a.m., free. Temple, 540 Howard, SF.



Even though it takes place in the evening, Nightlife, the California Academy of Science's weekly Thursday dance 'n' learn event, is one of the best things going for adventurous partiers. Nomenclature be damned! This week's offering focuses on the science behind the speakers: Christopher Hedge, who designed the music for the Cal Academy's "Life" planetarium show teams up with Stan Shaff of legendary sound-sculpture theater the Audium for a nifty, wonky presentation. Plus music by my favorite electro-nutter collective, Future Universal, live sets from the Frail and Dominant Legs, and contributions from Pyramind, Sound healing Center, and Planet Check. Yes, drinks are served and they are strong.

Thu/13, 6 p.m.–10 p.m., $12. California Academy of Sciences, 55 Music Concourse Drive,



The awesomely bangin' monthly returns, this time at new home SOM. For its grand reopening, global-electro DJs Sleazemore and Eli Glad are bringing in three rad guests who rep some of the best in uptempo. Incredible headliner Gant-Man, the godfather of juke and footwork (shouts out to Chi-Town), will twist dancers into sparkly pretzels. Star Eyes of NYC electro-breaks collective Trouble & Bass will whip out her femme fatale dark sound-lashes, and L.A.'s SAMO Soundboy brings the rugged crunk soul with a sound-collage aesthetic. Definitely freaky-styley.

Fri/14, 10 p.m.–late, $10. SOM, 2925 16th St., SF.



Jazzy dub meets global funk in the excellent work of NYC's Nickodemus, the man behind the outrageously hot Turntables on the Hudson parties, which call up that old school Giant Step sound with a Sun People vibe. He'll be joined by our own deep masters — Afrolicious DJs Senor Oz and Pleasuremaker and Surya Dub's Maneesh the Twister and Kush Arora. Think Brooklyn via the topics, with some Asian-tinged dread bass rumble to set the floor alight.

Fri/14, 9 p.m.–3 a.m., $10. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF.




As a San Francisco resident, I have found 101 places to indulge my wild side. I am a bass addict, love heavy sounds and have always been able to find a party that fits my needs.

In steps Ritual. As of 6 months ago, I started visiting my local haunt Anu for their weekly Thursday night party Ritual. At the time it was probably 20-30 people, loud music and confused crack heads walking around 6th street staring at us wearing bandannas on our faces and smoking cigarettes. This party began to grow, our family, which is stronger than ever at the moment, began to grow as well and before long 30 people turned into 300. We would even have BBQ's outside on the street, engaging the confused residents.

After some issues began to pop up with the venue however, (crappy neighborhood, too small a venue for our growing needs) A lot of work went into finding a new spot for our weekly debauchery.

Temple opened up their basement for us! Last weak was prime, some of the best local and global (Matty G!) talent came to play, there was 3D art on the walls, the sound was kicking, there is NO COVER EVER, and the beers were cheap. This week there will be more bars open, another dance floor opened, and the whole place will be dressed like a mid winter basement pool party from outer space!

If you love bass, live in the bay area, and want to let it all out, come through Temple tonight and come early, because we hit capacity at 12am last week! The party now goes until 3 am and we don't stop till the last whomp!

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Posted by Jonah on Jan. 13, 2011 @ 1:57 pm

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