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Fag Friday, Doc Martin, Jazzy Jeff, Kafana Balkan, and more fun nightlife haps. Plus: Happy 50th birthday DJ Bus Station John!

DJ Bus Station John: half a century of sumthin' sumthin'


"Looking back, I really believe it was fated that this music I have such a passion for — thousands of songs somehow magically encoded in these spiral grooves of black plastic 30 years ago or more — was meant to survive, to be with us another day," says DJ Bus Station John. As was he. Now with us for half a century (that's a lot of polish on the ol' glory hole! Somebody drop her off at Sotheby's for appraisal!), the old school disco-teer is still going strong, and bringing generations together. "I love the great rapport I have with the young'uns on and off the dance floor. But it's important that guys my age and older know they are heartily welcomed at my clubs as well. After all, we lived it the first time 'round. And like my records, we are survivors, here to tell the tale. So boys, I want to see more of your wrinkly faces shining under the disco lights!" For his 50th, he'll guest star at the weekly Honey Sundays party, playing a "special 12-inch edition" of that party, based on his much-missed marathon tea-dance, Double Dutch Disco.

Sun/23, 7 p.m.–2 a.m., $3. Holy Cow, 1535 Folsom, SF.

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