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From Honduran baliadas to bergamot ice cream: sticking a fork in Dogpatch and Bayview

Catfish sandwich and collard greens at Hard Knox

732 22nd St., SF. (415) 647-3033,



Frisco Fried is Third Street's newest entrant to the chicken and fixins game and has attracted quite a following with its unapologetically artery-clogging eats. There's a standing tally in the window informing passersby that a) the restaurant serves "burger dogs" and b) many a brave customer has braved the beef — to the tune of a few thousand, in fact.

5176 Third St., SF. (415) 822-1517. Facebook: Frisco Fried



Our pick of the Bayview brunch bunch: Piccino. Pair your French press with a nice cazuela of baked eggs or a fruit bruschetta — bread made in-house topped with honey butter, roasted fruits, crème fraiche, and a bit of basil. The classily decorated dining room also serves lunch and dinner: specialties of the house include crispy, crusty pizzas and nom-nom antipasti.

801 22nd St., SF. (415) 824-4224,



Yes, that's right: Brazilian burgers. The burgers Junior sells from this traveling food truck may not go well with your São Paolo bikini, but consider it Carnaval with these mammoth meat mountains. Chose your poison by electing one of three burger "levels." No. 3 features a hot dog, ham, egg, corn, cheese, pineapple, bacon, and yeah, the burger. You've been warned. Check Junior out on weeknights until about midnight.

Napoleon and Evans, SF

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