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Bay Area Rock Roundup, Part 2




Live in Aisle Five


Bay Area-favorite Ty Segall has been churning out recordings under his own name since 2008 with the cassette Horn The Unicorn on Wizard Mountain, and there are no signs he's slowing down. To start 2011, Segall is releasing Live in Aisle Five, recorded by local noise-maker Eric Bauer last summer at an Amnesia show for Southpaw Records' first-year anniversary party.

The album starts with a triumphant "How you guys doing?" from Segall, and then the smashing new song "Come to California." There's the usual rumble of reverb, so it's hard to discern all the lyrics, but it sounds like a ragged advertisement for our home state. It's got an astounding guitar solo that flushes the song out and moves into the pounding drums of "Imaginary Person," off of 2010's Melted, on Goner. Segall's signature wolf-worthy howls are heard throughout the album. On his cover of GG Allin's "Don't Talk to Me," the onomatopoeia of "chitter, chatter" and "yak tak" is screamed like it was meant to sound. More than his recordings, Segall wins fans live. And if you yearn for that visceral experience that is more human in its imperfections — one that makes you want to move — this is your record. (Broder Van Dyke)


With Nodzzz

Jan. 28, 8:30 p.m.; $12

Rickshaw Stop

155 Fell, SF

(415) 861-2011