Burn the Bay

Cannabis Issue: Our favorite places to "toke it all in"

Burn one down the Seward Street Slides, just remember — that concrete drop-off's a doozy

Self-medicate and simmer? Hardly. A nice big toke deserves (another and) a trip out and about to see some of the Bay Area's finest sites to be stoned in. Just don't flash that bong around — we hear that shit's still illegal (?). Here are the Guardian staff picks for places around town that your buzz will love.



Post-Mary munchies are no joking matter. Yeah, you laugh when your buddy eats sausages dipped in maple syrup, but when it's your turn the joke's on you. Fortunately, Good Mang Kok Bakery in Chinatown is there to get you through those funky hunger spells. It's got it all: pork buns, shrimp dumplings, egg tarts, mochi, sesame balls, chow mein — more grease and sugar than you can shake a spliff at. The joint (ha!) smells like stoner heaven, but the best part about Good Mang Kok is that it won't leave a dent in your wallet — three steamed pork buns cost only $1.50 and all the food a stoner can eat won't ever cost more than a 10 spot. Peep the window sign that says "Dim Sum Nice Food" and you'll know you're at the right place.

1039 Stockton, SF. (415) 397-2688



It's Sunday morning, you're stoned, and your heart is full of love. Kumbaya friend, mosey down to the Mission's Kadampa Buddhist Temple for its weekly group meditation on world peace — because we all know that war, violence, and suffering are huge mellow-harshers. Inside the small building you'll find a meeting room lined with chairs, Buddhist art, and sculpture — take a seat and be on time. Class includes a guided prayer, a spiritual teaching (try not to space, because if you pay attention here you can learn a lot), and refreshments. Every level of experience is welcome and no stoner will be turned away for lack of funds.

Sundays, 10:30 a.m.–noon, $10 donation suggested. 3324 17th St., SF. (415) 503-1187, www.meditationinnortherncalifornia.org



We regard the Revolution Cafe as its own mythic country, one in which bearded men and dashing women from various cosmopolitan European, Latin-American, and African cities epically lounge, smoke from their spliffs still lingering in their leather jackets and hand-woven mountain sweaters. In this convivial company, there is no better vantage point to regard the Mission's ragtag parade from behind the fog of (medicinal, surely) Humboldt fog, particularly with a glass of house red or cappuccino in hand. Languid inter-table conversation is a mandate on the Revolution porch — retreat inside to giggle at The Awl's witticisms on your laptop or take in the piano-guitar duo occupying Rev's tiny corner that is allotted to its live music offerings.

3248 22nd St., SF. (415) 642-0474



Who says you have to be a kid to get a kick out of this museum's interactive art and technology exhibits? Twist one up and try your hand at photo manipulation, animation, and video-mixing geared toward the mini-mind. And while we're feeding our heads here, why not go truly techno-psychedelic with the kids' museum's Z Dance — dance in front of a green screen and a computer will transfer your image to a trippy backdrop (see Jefferson Airplane's Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour performance of "White Rabbit" for inspiration). For gizmo gear-heads to blasé Betties, some advice for truly groking the beauty of Zeum: nothing will awaken your childlike wonder like a little William's Wonder.

221 Fourth St., SF. (415) 820-3320, www.zeum.org


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