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Cannabis Issue: Medical cannabis industry thrives even as the economy and legalization movement sputter


"We're still doing research on what went right and what went wrong," Lee told us. "There were lots of people who were for legalization that didn't like the details [of Prop. 19]."

For example, the measure allowed counties to set different legal standards, potentially creating a logistical nightmare for distributing the product. Lee said the new measure will probably include statewide standards and some degree of local control, but he's still working with groups ranging from the Drug Policy Alliance to the NAACP to develop it. Meanwhile, CaNORML, the state chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, will be gathering movement leaders together in Berkeley on Jan. 29 for a daylong conference titled "Marijuana Reform: Next Steps for California."

While there are differing visions for where the movement is headed and over how hard and quickly to push for full legalization, it's undeniable that the industry is thriving and here to stay.

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