Working to dance, dancing to live - Page 3

A look into the not-so-conventional lives of San Francisco's freelance dancers

When she's not dancing on stairwells, Gabby Zucker rests her muscles by working a gig as an author's assistant

"Until recently, the key to making dance possible in my life was seeking out alternative lifestyles that allowed me to step aside from the money equation for the most part," she continued. "This was much simpler to do as a single person, before becoming a family. We are still figuring out how we can keep the dance growing and maintain a sense of stability for our daughter."

Although it's a difficult balance to maintain, Bay Area dancers are more than up to the challenge of cultivating a life around a physically demanding art form with few monetary payoffs. Though it may demand fortitude, creativity, and a willingness to diverge from a more conventional lifestyle, the personal rewards of a life filled with inspiration and love-filled work are indeed great.

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