Flush with tips - Page 3

A look at the world of the 21st-century bathroom attendant

Gary Lawton: "As you hear the snorting, you know what's going on and you just let them know that they have to take it outside."

Fausz has seen turnover, most often when attendants steal or are headhunted by clubs. Some just aren't a good fit ,or can't work in the environment, or can't hold the right amount of conversation. (The attendant I met at the beginning of this piece no longer works for Fausz.) But there are people willing to work for Refreshus wherever the opportunity arises. On a recent night I ran into Russ, a lean fellow in a sharp jacket stationed in the more luxurious main bathroom at 1015 Folsom. He described the job as "a good way to supplement my income," adding "I'm a personal trainer."

Fausz wants to fit bathroom attendants into more of the city's nightclubs, even if an event tends to draw a crowd for whom a bathroom attendant is an obscure novelty. He puts it simply: "I'm kind of training the next generation of people to tip."

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