Meet-cute 2011

Improbable, mystifying, funny, weird, and, yes, mushy: our readers share the priceless stories of how they met and fell in love


V-DAY Maybe your hands brushed while browsing the vinyl jazz bins at Amoeba. Maybe she caught up with you on the new Valencia Street bike lanes to compliment your ride. Or perhaps your kite strings got entangled on Marina Green one windy afternoon ...

For this year's Valentine's Issue, we asked our readers in relationships to submit their "meet-cute" stories — the improbable, mystifying, funny, weird, or, yes, mushy ways they met their snuggle bunny. We received dozens of responses, from the heartwarming to the bizarre. It was incredibly hard to choose, but below are our 10 favorites.

We also chose one lucky entrant at random to win a date (dinner for two and a live show) at Yoshi's San Francisco. Congratulations, Sam Dahan!



Friday the 13th. Full Moon. Make-Out Room in the Mission. I was supposed to meet my roommate's cute single friends in the front booth, but they were long gone. So I accidentally introduced myself to this pretty lady, thinking she was one of them. Bought drinks. Flirted. "So how long have you worked with Dana?" "Who the heck is Dana?" "Ummm ... wanna go out sometime?" Now we've been married for seven years.



My cell phone just wouldn't charge anymore, and I needed a replacement. I walked into my cell phone carrier's local storefront and spotted a hot "must have" at the end of the counter, who just happened to be matched with me for support on the floor. Due to the nature of the transaction, he didn't get a commission. But after giving me his card, he soon got a call. Thank goodness my battery was charged! Two years and at least four phones later, he's still in my cell phone "top five" and he's No. 1 in my heart.



There was a big Carnaval party in the Mission, and a friend promised to fix me up with a cute Brazilian musician. They arrived well past midnight, when the party was winding down. The musician was starving after playing a gig. His English was minimal, but so cute with the accent. "There is no food in this house," he said. "I'll cook you breakfast," I said. "To have breakfast, I must sleep in your home," he said — to which I replied, "I don't think you're gonna get much sleep." Our 20th anniversary is June 21. And yes, I cooked him breakfast ... eventually!



He was a San Francisco native, and so was she. They went separately to see live music at the Edinburgh Castle. Sitting next to one another at the bar, they began to chat. In the first 10 minutes, they discovered they had the same favorite movie, Wings of Desire. Before leaving, she gave him her number written on the only thing she had handy — a banana. This March, 10 years later, they will celebrate their tenth "Banana Day": the anniversary of the day they met.



I was a nightlife photographer. He was a nightlife promoter and manager. One day, we found ourselves venting to each other about all the drunk people we had to baby-sit all the time. Just as our eyes met, someone threw up at the bar across from us. The rest is history!



It was a normal Saturday afternoon as I took my post at the front desk of a library at Cal. A few hours into my shift, a guy passed me by on his way to the exit, tossing a small folded note onto my desk before quickly boarding the elevator. I looked up and said, "Thanks!" not really thinking. I opened the note to find, "Hey, you're cute." Blushing, I folded it up and, four days later, finally decided to go for it. Three years later, I couldn't be any happier or more thankful that I did.


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