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Improbable, mystifying, funny, weird, and, yes, mushy: our readers share the priceless stories of how they met and fell in love



On the first Saturday of March Madness, my buddy hosts an annual Corn Dog Day party in Oakland. Although it's an unlikely place for vegetarians to get together, I first met Kerry at CDD 2004. While other partygoers tried to score a triple-double of 10 dogs, 10 servings of tots, and 10 beers, I tried to score a glance from the adorable redhead. We chatted briefly while waiting for veggie dogs during halftime of the Stanford-Alabama game. I was smitten; she was mostly just hungry. But seven years later, we're preparing to celebrate our first CDD as husband and wife!



I can say without much exaggeration that I met the man of my dreams in a dirty shack. My first October in San Francisco, a friend invited me over for Sukkoth, the Jewish harvest celebration involving a temporary structure made of branches and flora — a sukkah. On arrival, his roommate Carlton greeted me. We talked all night in that sukkah. I've been smitten since! In our four years, Carlton's inspired me to song many times. As I wrote in a song for my band, My First Earthquake: "Starry night in a twig hut/ Man, did I have the pot's luck!"



My then-boyfriend and I filmed an artistic amateur porn as a birthday gift for a friend of mine. We wound up hooking up together with the director, an insanely cute and talented nightclub videographer. After my BF and I broke up and I moved overseas for a couple years, I came back and reconnected with the videographer over a camping trip. We've been cuddle bunnies ever since.



"Cute Fat Girl Seeks Cute Fat Boy for Romance and Companionship" was the headline. I was ready to give up searching, but a friend talked me into placing a personal ad (probably my umpteenth at that point) on Craigslist. I met Dub on a Thursday night and I was smitten from the start. Two weeks later, he presented me with a beautiful handmade garnet necklace as a token of his affection. Seven years later, we are happily married, still cute and fat, and I'm just as smitten — if not more.

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