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Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky ... Jennifer Tilly revisits throwing up in her purse for the "When Chucky Meets Peaches Christ" spectacular

Peaches Christ gets all dolled up

JT There are a lot of rumors — they definitely have the go-ahead to make the next Chucky movie, and I think that was one of the ideas. The other idea was to continue the Seed of Chucky story, because people really like the character of (Chucky's child) Glen-Glenda. I honestly think we've come too far to turn back now. (Laughs.) I think the idea behind the remake is that we have so many more special effects, so you could do it so much more realistically. But I don't think a good horror movie is about having the most brilliant special effects. It's in the writing and the presentation and the acting.

Also, I just think the direction that Chucky is going — I've made over 60 movies, but everywhere I go, the No. 1 movie that people know me from is Bride of Chucky. I go to foreign countries where they don't know any English at all, and they point at me and yell "Bride of Chucky!" And Don conceived Seed of Chucky as being a cross between Sunset Boulevard (1950) and Ordinary People (1980) — it's not just a slasher film. There's something for everybody!


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