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Parkmerced redesign wins narrow Planning Commission approval

Aaron Goodman, a former resident of Parkmerced, has been vocal in his opposition to the scope and scale of the project

"The proposed Parkmerced development is the kind of development that I normally would support. It's the kind of thing I work on in my profession," noted Marshall, an attorney who has worked on redevelopment projects. "What's different about this project is that it involves an existing community. It requires devastation of that community. It reminds me of the old-style redevelopment projects that went on in the Fillmore that destroyed existing neighborhoods. Look around that area now ... there's high density housing there, but that's about all. The community — the networks of the people — was destroyed decades ago."

Marshall took it a step further, offering her analysis on why Parkmerced was targeted. "It's because it's a working-class neighborhood of renters," she said. "That's why we're going to destroy Parkmerced."