Noise Pop 2011 highlights - Page 2

The annual indie-palooza takes over the city -- and Dâm-Funk, Peanut Butter Wolf, Dominant Legs, Admiral Radley, Geographer, and Psychic Friend are among the acts we're rarin' to see


These days, both Dâm-Funk and Peanut Butter Wolf know what they're doing — and that's a damn lot. Reflecting his Gemini nature, Dâm is planning to explore the dark side on an EP with that title before venturing into the light on his next LP. He's also remixed Nite Jewel and is collaborating with her on a project, Nite Funk. He's producing music by Steve Arrington for Stones Throw, and he wants to put out another chapter of his archival venture Adolescent Funk, with him choosing the tracks instead of Manak. As for the man Dâm calls "Wolf," he's got Stones Throw's 15th anniversary on his hands, including a 7-inch box set, and a series of live-to-vinyl performances by the label's artists in L.A. These guys are busy, but — fortunately for Noise Pop, and for SF — that doesn't mean they don't have time to throw a 45 party. (Johnny Ray Huston)


With Guillermo (Sweater Funk), Hakobo (Fresco)

Sat./26, 9 p.m., $15 (21+)

Public Works

161 Erie, SF

(415) 932-0955



Whether he's raging in the streets alongside fellow Giants maniacs or musically lost between the sheets, Dominant Legs' Ryan Lynch sounds like he's sweet to the core—and even more. "I didn't have anything to do with setting the mattress on fire, but I was there," says the SF musician of SF's impromptu World Series throw-downs. "But I wasn't stopping anybody from celebrating."

Lynch also rolls with the love when it comes to music. "I don't really listen to much music that would be characterized as aggressive," he continues, on one of those sunny Bay afternoons that make it easy to float away on blue skies and daydreams. "I listen to pop music and, honestly, mostly KISS FM." His favorite song on this crisp, creamy day is R. Kelly's "Lost in Your Love." "It's all about him wanting to bring love songs back to the radio,'" Lynch adds. "And that's sort of what I also aspire to—not that we get any radio play!"

But, oh, a girl — or a boy who once was a Girl (until recently, Lynch was Girls' touring guitarist) — can dream. And dreams have been coming true for Lynch, a longtime Giants follower who recently contributed "Finally Champions" to a digital-only benefit comp of Giants tribute songs released by True Panther. Meanwhile Dominant Legs continues to pick up steam—and members.

Once the repository of Ryan's solo singer-songwriter imaginings away from longtime band Magic Bullets, Dominant Legs found favor when the Redwood City-bred musician was laid off from his job as mail clerk-receptionist at a law firm. He didn't sink his sparse funds into job retraining classes or the like; instead he bought a cheap Casio keyboard and drum machine. "I shouldn't have been spending any money," he recalls now. "But the direction of the music really took off after acquiring those pieces of musical equipment." Friend Hannah Hunt, who had just graduated from college, offered to help out at a 2009 show at Amnesia and ended up sticking around.

"She brought a softness, and delicacy, which made the songs more delicate since her voice is so different from mine," he observes. "I think her voice is easier on the ear than mine." For Noise Pop, the two have acquired a few more legs to help them on their way: drummer Rene Solomon, bassist Andrew Connors, and guitarist Garrett Godard, the latter once the drummer for Girls.