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Just you, me, and hundreds of friends with Frankie Knuckles, DJ MikeQ, Karizma, Forest Green, Red Bull Thre3style, Eugene Tambourine, As You Like It, and more parties

DJ MikeQ brings his rapidfire vogue-house style to the Icee Hot party


The Godfather of House beams in from Chicago with that 1000-kilowatt smile and a bag full of music history. I've heard him when he's moody and orchestral, I've heard him when he's raw and funky — lately he's been epertly combining both, and throwing on a few breathtaking and unclassifiable rarities to boot. The sound of now is bending back towards his turntable style, so you'll leap ahead just by hearing him. DJ David Harness opens up the deep soul at this mixed and welcoming shindig.

Sat/26, 10 p.m.–3 a.m., $15-$20. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF.



The fab Hard French soul-stompin' vinyl 45s party, which overruns the El Rio patio every month, has been on hiatus for the winter. It officially returns on March 5, but until then, soak up the indoor glory as Hard French DJs Brown Amy and Carnitas hit the monthly retro Go Bang! party. Also: Highly recommended from NYC by the likes of turntable legends Danny Krivit and Nicky Siano comes the man known as Eugene Tambourine, a disco re-editor and house geneticist who knows his way around dance floor sounds of yore. Residents Steve Fabus, Sergio, and Tres Lingerie keep it all steamy.

Sat/26, 9 p.m.–late, $5. Deco Lounge, 510 Larkin, SF.



Possibly the sweetest DJ and beatsmaker in the universe, Forest Green ( is surely one of the busiest. Daly City Records' resident fuzzy bunny, she's been hopping around the world with her high-energy, slightly spiritual brand of good ol' techno and breaks since the big rave days of yore. Her recent music, on her label Cute Fang, is totally entrancing and brings a funky electro vibe without going overboard into easy bangers. She'll be celebrating Cute Fang's birthday with a lineup of lovely guests (with fangs!), including DJ Icon, DJ Denise, Dragn'fly, Influence, Smoove, Tek 9, and Lick the DJ. Who, besides the most toady among us, would pass up Lick the DJ? (I have no idea who that is but I like it.)

Sat/26, 9 p.m., $5. Shine, 1337 Mission, SF.



Children, vogue music has changed — and 24-year-old MikeQ from New Jersey is pushing "the Ha" forward. The digital age and a more aggressive style of ball walking have thrust voguing as far away from Madonna's 1990 halcyon days as possible. The new style, which takes its inspiration from Masters at Works' pounding "The Ha Dance" from 1991 but chops and samples kiki beats and voices into a deliciously abstract salad, is clearing the floor for new musicmakers like MikeQ's fellow stylists Angel X of Atlanta, B.Ames of Houston, the bamabounce collective from Birmingham, Alabama, and the mother of all contemporary vogue beats innovation, DC's Vjuan Allure. MikeQ adds a devilish sense of humor that helps appeal to queens and beat junkies alike (and those like me, who are both at once.) As for Karizma, back in 2003 when I was completely addicted to streaming sets from, he put some heavy Baltimore voodoo on Donnie's "Cloud 9" that I'll never forget. Now he's transitioned to a smoother yet still bumping sound. The combination of these two should turn the monthly Icee Hot party out.

Sat/26, 10 p.m.–3 a.m., $10. SOM, 2625 16th St., SF.

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