Renew yourself

RENEW ISSUE: 16 healthy, fit, and fun Bay Area things to help you kickstart your spring

Get fit, mutliculti-style, at the Bollywood-influenced Non-Stop Bhangra party

So 2011 is a couple months in, and already your new year's resolution list reads like so many dreams deferred? Chuck it in the flames — not all rebirths neatly coincide with the Gregorian calendar. This spring, rejuvenate your inner and outer workings with some of these excellent opportunities to renew everything from your chi, to your core strength, to the sweetness of your swagger.



Tripped the light cataclysmic a time too many? The toxic Fernet fumes ooze from your pores, and you've left not only your debit, but your credit, library, and frequent bagel-buyer card in various watering holes about time? Time to purge. Take a night off from tippling and toddle to Laughing Lotus, where Friday night's midnight yoga class (each week from 10 p.m.-midnight) soothes abused chakras — and livers, need be. Each week even features a different live musician: Fri/25's class will be home to the didgeridoo and sound-healing savasana of Amber Field.

Laughing Lotus, 3271 16th St., SF. (415) 355-1600,



What's community acupuncture, you ask? Small groups of patients are treated in recliners in a quiet, calm room. During the hour-long sessions, those waiting for their pokes receive staggered personalized care (needles are inserted into one's limbs, face, and head: no disrobing necessary) from a licensed acupuncturist. Learned how to share in kindergarten? Perfect, because the cooperative method means that a single session will only run you $25–$45, including the initial visit's paperwork fee. Circle Community Acupuncture, 1351 Harrison, SF. (415) 864-1070,



Fasting, ugh. It has its place, but not eating anything is a bitter pill in the land of street tacos and gourmet coffee grounds. If you're asking our opinion, a day of cleanse is best accessorized with Lydia's raw green soup, a tangy elixir of kale, cucumber, dulse seaweed, avocado, ginger, and other green delicious majicks. Lydia's sells neatly packaged soup servings, resplendent kale chips, and other yummy raw treats are favorites at the city's crunchiest festivals, and you can pick them up at health food stores too.

Available at various SF grocery stores,



Hidden behind hippie-wear emporium P-Kok is a small green garden and a sauna where tired city souls retreat for the store's patchouli-heavy full moon ceremonies, complete with vibrational sauna singing. Starting in March, the hidden space will go holistic and become Tall Tree Tambo Wholeness Center. Monthly memberships (to encourage the use of the space as a healthy community hub) will be available for $100–$125 including coed and single-sex sauna access, healing events facilitated by other members, and the center's four on-site healing arts practitioners, small-group classes in spiritual alignment, yoga, and the ever-popular full moon rites.

776 Haight, SF. (415) 430-8285,


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