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RENEW ISSUE: 16 healthy, fit, and fun Bay Area things to help you kickstart your spring

Get fit, mutliculti-style, at the Bollywood-influenced Non-Stop Bhangra party


Forget Rocky. For true Bay Area boxing spirit, you couldn't do better than checking out the super bantamweight championship boxing match of Ana "the Hurricane" Julaton vs. Franchesca "the Chosen One" Alcanter on Fri/25. Julaton, a Daly City and Bayview raised Filipina American, is looking to regain her standing in the pro world after a disappointing loss last year. Regardless of who walks with the belt, the ring's high-powered punching — and rock hard musculature — is worth checking out if you're in need of some gym motivation.

Fri/25 6 p.m., $35–$360. Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour, Richmond.



Of course, you could saddle up your most comfortable heels and get your werqout in the club. Should you try this tactic, you could hardly do better than the rum-tum-tum stylings of Non-Stop Bhangra, a night that's been teaching San Franciscans how to circle wrists and move hips in pure Punjabi mode since 2004. Nights begin with a hour-long class on Bollywood-style dance, continues with ample time to practice to beats by resident DJs and guest scratchers, and now attract a diverse following of races, ages, and ahem, physical aptitudes. Calorie burn and culture learn at the same time, perfect.

Next show: March 19 9 p.m., $10–$20. Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell, SF. (415) 861-2011,



Maria Arellano was gunning for a healthier lifestyle, so she decided to blog about it. "Accountability," the chipper office manager e-mailed us when we asked her about Oh Healthy Day's providence. "Posting your workouts and healthy eating habits with others is a great way to stay motivated." Her short, addicting posts and sunny photos of her ongoing journey to fitness are also great ways to hold us accountable — how are you going to down that family-sized bag of corn chips after reading Arellano's upbeat prose about her delicious protein and veggie dinners or inspiring Crossfit workout? Answer: you're not.



While the spectacularly cool House of Air has added a valuable component to San Francisco's kid's-activity-starved landscape (little ones can't help but explode with glee at the very sight of the humongous "Bounce House"), there's trampin' for adults as well. Specifically, the Air Conditioning workout is a 50-minute fly-through that promises to "leave your cheeks just as sore as your quads from smiling so much." At $16 for a 50-minute session, it's not a huge leap to "yes."

926 Mason, SF. (415) 345-9675,



Feel the burn all you want in your thighs, but no fitness program would be complete without a stretching your mind. At vibrantBrains, you'll exercise that flabby cerebellum in what amounts to a workout for your brain. Improve your memory, tackle abstractions, and fast-track your alertness, literacy, and comprehension skills with programs like "Neurobics," "Mind Evolve," "NeoCORTA," and "Posit Science Cortex with InSight." Each program concentrates on a different area of mental agility using a combination of cutting edge techniques and personal attention. Even reading about the various vibrantBrains offerings makes us feel smarter.

3235 Sacramento, SF. (415) 775-1138,


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