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Cody ChesnuTT moves past The Headphone Masterpiece to create freely in new ways

"I just want to contribute to what I think is a renaissance, a resurgence, a restoration, so to speak, of soul."

SFBG In The Headphone Masterpiece you're able to show so many sides in an industry that demands two-dimensionality. You go from "Serve This Royalty" to "Smoke and Love," then you write "Bitch, I'm Broke" and throw in a lullaby to your son. You're showing yourself as a fully-formed human being. I feel that kind of complexity confuses the machine.

CC I think that is to my advantage. I was hoping, and still hope, that it will inspire other people to look at the humanity of it all. To not be so focused on sure-thing in-the-box marketing. I think exposing the range of human emotion makes the landscape much more interesting. Not to get too deep off into the philosophical aspects of creativity, but I'm reading a piece on Nietzsche's self-criticism and The Birth of Tragedy, and [Nietzsche is] saying that after the first three Greek tragedies, there were no more to create — the rest are just copies. That's why we need to expose the range and bring in new content, because, in my opinion, certain subject matter has been exhausted. There's more to explore within the spirit. It's what drives me to do what I do.

SFBG What can we expect from your show?

CC I'm playing all new material with a 10-piece band. I'm really interested into tapping into that root soul music. The kind of music that heals, the kind that touches. It's what I want to feel and hear right now. And there seems to be a consensus that people really want something a little more substantive, closer to that feeling that they had when they were growing up. Right now is an interesting time to bring back that healing vibration, that element. I'm not the only one doing it. I just want to contribute to what I think is a renaissance, a resurgence, a restoration, so to speak, of soul. So much of the soul has been sapped out of our music.


Sat./26, 8 and 10 p.m.; $25

Yoshi's San Francisco

1330 Fillmore, S.F.

(415) 655-5600


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