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New drinking game Stump hits the Bay Area: watch for blood

Setting up a classy stump

San Francisco park rangers could not be reached for comment, but Article Four of the city's Park Code — under the heading "Disorderly Conduct" — contains at least three sections that might apply, including injunctions against "throw[ing] or propel[ling] objects of a potentially dangerous nature," damaging or removing existing wood, and, crucially, "consumption of alcoholic beverages in the Panhandle, Stanyan Meadow, and Sharon Meadow."

When I've watched people playing Stump, I've been struck by how often the word "respect" comes up. If a player flubs a throw and graciously declines to take his shot, it's traditional for his opponents to say "respect" and drink. Unlike other drinking games, though, correct technique is emphasized and style is rewarded. "It's chaotic but intellectual," says Ullman. "It's like physical chess."

If you're interested in playing Stump, e-mail David Liefert at

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