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Coming of age tales spark at San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

A low-key skater grapples with drama in paradise in Chuck Mitsui's One Kine Day (2010)

"Da kine," that fuzzy, vagued-out arbiter of "whatever," reigns supreme in the Hawaii of writer-director-skater Chuck Mitsui's One Kine Day (2010). Welcome to the other side of the isle, far away from touristy Waikiki, where skater Ralsto (Ryan Greer) is dealing with his morning-sick 15-year-old girlfriend Alea. His boss at the skate shop isn't buying his diffuse excuses for lateness; Alea doesn't want to go through another abortion; mom is putting pressure on him to get a stable job at the post office; and loutish friend Nalu believes he can score the money for "da kine" abortion at an underground cock fight. Of course, it will all come crashing down at the big house party — but will the perpetually tragic-faced Ralsto go postal? Mitsui shines a light on the less-than-savory aspects of the islands — the pregnant teens in the malls, the 'shroom-popping adults who turn on and phase out, the fact that you have to drive everywhere — and dares you to tear your eyes away from the sun-streaked, well-baked screen.


March 10–20, most shows $12

Various venues

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