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Mi Ami shifts to aquatic two-piece dynamics on its new EP

No relation to Flo Rida: Mi Ami reps both coasts in its new format as a duo

A final, poignant reinvention of the band is revealed on Dolphins' final song "Echo," which has appeared in different forms and with slightly different titles (such as "Echoonoecho") on two earlier releases. The sole through-line is Martin-McCormick's vocal track. "We didn't want to use Jacob Long's bassline, but the vocal part could go over anything — it's so repetitive," he said.

Dolphins is proof that, although challenging, change isn't always bad. In conjunction with the EP's release, Palermo is traveling to New York to tour with Martin-McCormick as a duo for the first time. They'll play a handful of shows in New York, moving on to the Midwest, and then to Europe. If we're lucky, this journey will eventually include a return to the Bay Area.

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