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Stand up for your dance rights. Plus: Angela Bowie, Kingdom, Todd Terje, Hacienda, and Steam Punktrick's Day parties

Kingdom brings his pitch-shifting "Rave&B" style to Public Works


Future-now "Rave&B" pitch shifter Kingdom brought down the house at L.A.'s Mustache Mondays club early last year and broke big with his quite bonkers "Mind Reader." He'll be at Public Works for an Icee Hot massive, with openers Falty DL (whose 2009 podcast for Resident Advisor changed some lives) and Canblaster.

Sat/19, 10 p.m.–3 a.m., $10 advance. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF.



Swing Goth's third annual Paddy-thumpin' hootenanny celebrates the cyber-Celt in all of us. Punky swing dance lessons at 8:30 p.m., show time with the Nathaniel Johnstone Band at 9:30 p.m. (For more great St. Patrick's Day delirium, visit our guide at

Sat/19, 8 p.m.–11 p.m., $12. 50 Mason Social House, 50 Mason, SF., Facebook: Steam Punktrick's



Whether you are a fan of electronic dance music or like to shake your booty, express yourself artistically in some facet or know someone who supports him or herself via the nightlife industry (bartenders, janitors, DJs, musicians, security guards, bouncers, etc),

PLEASE join us next Tuesday at City Hall! We need to pack the room to show the City that we are serious about defending our rights and in doing so, set an example for the rest of the state to strike down to follow suit and ultimately do away with AB74.

There will be a public comment period during the hearing where anyone can speak for up to two minutes on why electronic dance music events are important to them. If you do plan to attend, please take a moment now to fill out the RSVP form at - we'll see you there!

-Matt Haze
Save the Rave
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Posted by Matt Haze on Mar. 17, 2011 @ 8:48 pm

See you there amigo.

Accidentally watching the saccharine musak of idol reminded me and others of the good times we had - when it was ok and "cool" to be "free" on the dancefloor, when music spoke to us and didn't make us feel small....

"Save the rave", however, sounds like something a anti-tree cutter might have said in 1993, but go for it!

Posted by I'm raving I'm raving on Mar. 17, 2011 @ 10:37 pm

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