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Our Freedom of Information Issue salutes the winners of the 2011 James Madison Awards


"The judge approved, but only if we caused no distraction to the jury," Prodis recalled, adding that she was concerned that a laptop keyboard would make keyboard sounds. "So it was really great that one of our managers went to Fry's, bought an iPad, and handed it to me."

The D.A.'s office followed her blog, as did the family of the accused. "A community of people who never spoke to each other in the courtroom became fully engaged on the blog," she said.

"People want immediacy," she added. "Especially in the courts — they want something right now." (Sarah Phelan)

SPJ Awards dinner It's not too late to purchase tickets for the March 16 James Madison Freedom of Information Awards banquet in San Francisco. For more information, visit and scroll to "26th Annual James Madison Freedom of Information Awards."