King of the spook house - Page 2

Jose Mojica Marins' infamous Brazilian cult horror films gain new life

Coffin Joe displays his creepy trademark fingernails

One unfortunate's face meets a bucket o' bugs; another is coated with hot cheese, followed by hungry rats. While CJ evinces disgust at how the world has changed during his long absence (favela kids sniffing glue, etc.), his new adventure takes advantage of some new cultural norms, including goth-punk henchmen, seemingly real body piercings, and a young priest who enjoys applying electric nipple clamps at the altar. (None of this is as memorable as one "terrifying" vision in 1970's LSD-themed Awakening of the Beast: mooning butts with cartoon faces painted on, several clutching plastic "noses" 'tween cheeks. Run for your lives!)

Far from the best Coffin Joe movie, Embodiment nonetheless brings the crazy with Marins' distinctive zeal for outrageous offense. His once frequently-banned works now look loopy and quaint, yet there's still a subversive edge. Then again, he's also a lot like the snickering older brother at the Halloween party who thrusts blindfolded kids' hands into cold wet spaghetti, crowing "WORMS!"

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