Teenage ghosts - Page 2

Dirty Beaches and Hunx and his Punx hold a séance for the lost spirits of pop past


At other ingenious times, Hunx's band is a girl-gang warning bashers and bullies to back off from his romance ("My Boyfriend's Coming Back"). They harmonize with Hunx as he traipses faux-innocently away from heartbreak (Too Young to Be in Love's sublime title track) and with Bogart as he stares down the legacy of his father's suicide (the closer, "Blow Me Away"). On the classic "The Curse of Being Young," Hunx does his best Mary Weiss while his bandmates supply the sophisticated boom boom, adding a little more yearning with each chorus, until the listener is left alone with Shaw's feral, fateful incantation. Games of keep away have lasting impact. Bad boys navigate badlands and sometimes wind up bad men. Maybe you're never too old to be too young to be in love.

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