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PETS ISSUE: Need a buddy? Adopt, foster, or volunteer with the pet of your dreams


It doesn't take an overly sappy soul to see the appeal in puppies and kitties, but can all our rodent people please stand up? Rattie Ratz ( is a sweet-hearted organization in Woodside that rescues rats and treats these surprisingly amenable pets with respect. The group is all about rat rescue, resources, and referrals, and needs volunteers to help with animal therapy programs, adoption, fostering, and education.

Finally, we know that some of the sweetest creatures can't be happily held — but they can still use your help! You can lend a hand at the Marine Mammal Center ( by getting trained to find and transport stranded animals and bring them to medical centers. Wild Care also ( has plenty of volunteer opportunities to help save Bay Area wildlife — it needs folks to work the hotline call center, do outreach education, and work directly with pet hospital staff. (Hannah Tepper)

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