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Democrats need to get over Republican obstructionism -- and give the public a clear choice


"As a political matter, it's time for Jerry Brown to reach for his inner La Follette and start sounding some good, old-fashioned, Wisconsin-style populism. Instead of going after the railroads, as La Follette did, however, Brown should aim at the ultrawealthy, the oil companies, and other greedy corporate interests that have a) allowed the California Republican Party to gridlock the budget process and b) fought to keep special corporate loopholes, including outrageously low property tax rates from Prop. 13."

That's how you turn California around.



Did y'all call the Governor for comment?

No? Why not? Surely someone in his office would have talked to you.

Go Giants!


Posted by Guest h. brown on Apr. 05, 2011 @ 9:08 pm

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