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Cults is made up of real people, not lizard people

Brian Oblivion of the Cults: "There's something so tough about '50s pop music."

"It's fun to play live and interact with audiences. Live [music] is so important — it's the only way to make money, and right now shows are doing awesome," Oblivion says with his crackly, phone-impaired voice, noting his admiration for indie bands that are selling out large venues. He's calling it a revolution.

"People want to have an experience, something to hold onto. They're tired of the MP3s that move around through the air, because it's just not the same as being at a show and feeling the music come out of the speakers. It's immaterial. You walk away with a feeling."

That feeling is the revolution.


With Magic Kids, White Arrows

Thurs./14, 8 p.m.; $13

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