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Supervisors reject Ethics Commission candidate who has agitated for reform

The Board of Supervisors voted to appoint Dorothy Liu (bottom) to the Ethics Commission instead of Allen Grossman (top)

That vote drew closer scrutiny, however, after Ethics Commission staff recommended that the exemption that would be built into the law for Lee's benefit should be expanded to include appointed members of the Board of Supervisors. "This new proposal would convert a targeted, narrow exemption to deal with a special case into the 'Politician Job Protection Act' and could open the door to all kinds of unintended consequences," charged Jon Golinger of San Franciscans for Clean Government.

Meanwhile, Luby seemed disheartened by the board's selection of Liu for the Ethics Commission. He was looking to Grossman to fill Hansen's shoes as the commission's reformer — a role previously held by Lynn, Luby's good friend and mentor who died last year.

He lamented, "This will mark the first time in over 10 years to have an Ethics Commission without someone who has past experience advocating for good government." 


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