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Deep Green Festival offers an expanded view of cannabis culture


But even when talking about THC, many in the industry dispute the criticism that most marijuana use is merely recreational drug use. Vapor Room founder Martin Olive has said most pot use isn't strictly medical or recreational, but a third category he calls "therapeutic," people who smoke pot to help cope with the stress of modern life.

DeAngelo agrees, although he puts it slightly differently: "The vast majority of cannabis users use it for the purpose of wellness." 

DEEP GREEN FESTIVAL Saturday, April 23. Performances by The Coup, Heavyweight Dub Champion, and more; speakers include pot cultivation columnist Ed Rosenthal, Steve DeAngelo, and business owner David Bronner. $20 advance/$30 door ($20 for bicyclists and carpoolers, $100 VIP).

Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond.