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The Eagle isn't really as much a bar as it is an oddball equivalent of the old school public house


The Eagle Tavern, for all of these reasons and many more, is culturally significant in this town. Should it close so that an owner (who doesn't live in town and who has shown callously that he doesn't give a damn about the community) can "clean it up" and make, presumably, a straight bar that caters to the bridge-and-tunnel scene (or even a new, trendy gay bar focused on younger clientele), we as a city are going to lose something that simply cannot be replaced.

Victor Krummenacher is a musician and designer.



A thoughtful post about the Eagle--but what is this New York reference to the "bridge-and-tunnel" scene?

What is this scene in SF, anyway, and can we ditch the Big Apple lingo and come up with our own? Particularly as it doesn't map well to San Francisco. Plenty of bridge-and-tunnelers, I suspect, live in the city already--many having moved in during the dot-com boom--and who are the rest? Wealthy people from Marin? Middle-class folks from the East Bay, South Bay, and Peninsula suburbs? Poor people from East Oakland? Trust fund kids trolling the music/art scene? Hipsters? Anyone who messes with our vibe on a night out?

As Mr. Krummenacher points out, the Eagle is a place where different groups--the Other, the Other's Other, the more mainstream that is other to the first two--can encounter one another and come away the better for it.

Posted by Hayden on Apr. 20, 2011 @ 9:29 pm

As a resident of a building near 9th/Folsom - I think Bridge-and-Tunnel is quite appropriate as it seems many of the folks who come to SOMA to participate in the vibrant queer culture arrive here via Bridge (GGB or BB) and/or Tunnel (Waldo or Caldecott). They just have better hair & accents.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 22, 2011 @ 8:57 am

Stroll down Valencia tonight and you can see the B&TC, the 510's, 650's, 408s and 925's rampaging through our neighborhood.


Posted by marcos on Apr. 22, 2011 @ 9:17 am

Who is OUR? Do people need your permission to enter the mission?

Posted by Guest on Apr. 22, 2011 @ 10:32 am