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Whirling world cuisine into quick, healthy noms

A feed bag à la mode: Beautifull's Vietnamese BBQ chicken bowl with quinoa

The mac 'n' cheese was served cold, though it was still creamy and hadn't congealed. It's the kind of thing you'd eat with a deep sense of gratitude if, brutally hung over, you found it in the refrigerator one Sunday morning. You'd thank the Almighty for remembering you at all, and you wouldn't quibble about a small matter like temperature. Still, it would be better warm. The pasta is whole-grain: a plus.

Ordering is complex, with a murk of choices, options, and pricing plans. It's like struggling at the podium of a budget airline — check this, carry that, headphones? By the time you're done, you need a glass of sauvignon blanc ($5), to settle down. It wasn't Sancerre but it wasn't bad, either. Getting anything here for $5 is beautiful. But that's our brave new world.


Daily: 10 a.m.–8:30 p.m.

3401 California, SF

(415) 728-9080

Wine and beer


Somewhat noisy

Wheelchair accessible


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