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Up before noon? The Guardian counsels eating

Just For You: you need some prison jokes for those grits, honey?


When I want sheer comfort with a side of 1970s and Audrey Hepburn, I head to Breakfast at Tiffany's. There, servers call you "hon" as the Beach Boys play on cassette tapes and you sip coffee, gazing at a faded Breakfast at Tiffany's poster. But this dive provides a lot more to sink one's teeth into than kitsch. I love Tiffany's pancakes loaded with fresh blueberries, and they taste even better as you sit at the counter, watching them transform from batter to fluffy cakes on the griddle. For savory contrast (and if you have room), order giant hash brown "sandwiches" stuffed with ham, cheese, onions, and all-around goodness. (Virginia Miller)

2499 San Bruno, SF (415) 468-0977



Don't be thrown off by Cafe Leila's flowery San Pablo facade or frilly name. Once you're inside, it's serious breakfast time whether you're a morning person or a hungover owl. With a big dining room and sunny, cute patio, you'll be sure to find a good amount of personal space to scarf down one of their many innovative breakfasts. Aside from a few everyday bagel options, Cafe Leila comes up with crazy omelet ideas that make me feel special, like the date omelet, a pile of farm eggs with dates and feta. And with three kinds of hot sauce, my condiment voice is always saying "Leilaaaaa." (Hannah Tepper) 

1724 San Pablo, Berk. (510) 525.7544, www.cafeleila.com


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