Sexual evolution - Page 2 says so long -- and thanks for all the fish


Gender: From where I sit (in San Francisco) gender's trans(oh, ha)formation from a mostly scientific term most famous for having to be distinguished from "sex" while talking about the results of ultrasounds to a continuum, a conversation, and a community is hyoooge. I do not foresee the end of binary gender as a basic human sorting tool, if for no other reason than that most people do fall into one category or the other. But the new ways we are discussing gender as an option, a performance, and a journey will not be leaving us any time soon. And so much the richer for us.

I wanted to talk about hooking-up versus dating. Women not having periods. Vajazzling (OK, not really). The mainstreaming of S/M. I gotta go. But I'll be around in the dark. Wherever there's a kid wondering if people really do that with gerbils, I'll be there. Wherever there's some guy wondering if he can talk his girlfriend into a threesome, I'll be there.



New site coming soon. I'll let you know.


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