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Psychedelic Horseshit steps out of the shitstorm and laces things with bliss

Psychedelic Horseshit: "There are too many positive vibes out there! Sometimes you gotta cut the tree down to make it bigger."

FatCat has since signed them on and Laced — a hazy, hallucinatory miasma of beats and moods that evokes both the loudly buzzing atmospherics of Black Dice and the experimental art damage of a less poppy Ariel Pink — is set to come out May 10. Leading up to the blessed date: the "Shitty Sundays" series of larky yet intriguing free MP3s (some freshly recorded only a few days previous), which have been released weekly on the FatCat site. The MP3s hint at Laced's trippier, less aggro mood, clad in samples and sprinkled with sequencers and drum machines ("I started going to festivals and taking ecstasy and getting into blissed-out dance music," explains Horseshit), although the fuck-it feeling that anything can happen remains, the same freewheeling, horse-caca churn of the first Psychedelic Horseshit show I ever saw, back in 2007. "It's a stepping stone kind of record," Horseshit offers. "It has one foot in our path and goes in a lot of different places and frees us up from what a lot of people think we are."

A tempered, more mature Horseshit? Could be — he's even willing to bide his time while Jewell is away on a meditation retreat. "He wouldn't even tell me where it was!" he marvels, adding that keyboardist Nicole Bland is playing with the band in the U.K., "covering his ass when he's figured this shit out."

"I said, 'The record's coming out,' and he said, 'I can't be in the band right now. I just need to be away and find out what's going on.' It's bad timing, but I respect it. It's like, you know, 'Thanks.'"


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