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As the D.A.'s race heats up, the death penalty emerges as a big issue

Capital punishment is becoming a bigger issue in San Francisco and statewide.

Woodford recalled how she got sick after the last execution she presided over. "I focused on what my responsibility was. But in hindsight, I realize it had had much more of an impact," she said. "These executions happen in California at least 20 years after the crime. And they don't bring victims back."

Minsker noted that 16 states do not have the death penalty, and that every day brings people closer to ending the practice in California. "People once thought opposing the death penalty would end political careers, but Kamala Harris showed that it is no longer a liability," she said.

Reached by phone after the debate, Onek said ending capital punishment makes sense morally and financially. "We would have $1 billion to invest in things that actually make us safer," Onek said. "The D.A. is given discretion around requesting the death penalty, and I will use my discretion to reflect San Francisco values. That's why people in the trenches working on these issues, including Jeanne Woodford, support me in this race." 



Gascon is a joke played on the citizens of San Francisco by former mayor Gavin Newsom. He is an out-of-towner from Arizona of all places, and a former Republican who only became a Democrat after moving to SF. He has no right to hold any office in this town!

Posted by GrannyGear on May. 30, 2011 @ 4:20 am

Sharmin Bock is the only seasoned prosecutor in the race. Niether Gascon or
Onek have the skill and know how to run the DA's office. If either of these two elected you would have to hire "under-DA" to run office, Gascon and Onek would just be figureheads, drawing huge salary to push a few papers around and attend political events. The DA's job not a job for politicians, this is a job that best goes to an individual who has paid dues. Bock has extensive back-round as working prosecutor, you won't have to hire anybody to run the office, she knows what to do. That's why I am backing Bock. It's a no-brainer, you want a proecutor for DA's job!

Posted by Guestrewgolfer on May. 31, 2011 @ 6:30 pm

Sharmin Bock has muddied the waters so much that I have no idea where she stands. Sounds like she wants to have it both ways -she wants the votes of death penalty opponents with her weak lip service to "serious misgivings." But she's also playing dog whistle politics to the right wingers. Sorry, you just can't have it both ways.

I could care less about her inner moral struggle. I want a clear answer -will she commit to not using the death penalty, or not?

If she doesn't have the backbone to give us a clear answer, then she doesn't deserve the job. And same goes for Gascon.

Posted by Greg on May. 31, 2011 @ 7:15 pm

Anyone but Gascon!
Let's vote this clown back to L.A.

Posted by Guest on May. 31, 2011 @ 7:19 pm

Could you tell me the difference between Gascon's ideology and Bock's? it's a serious question, because unless a decent candidate enters the race, I'll be stuck voting for one of these clowns for second place. So far, I can't discern any difference in their worldviews. But since you're in the "anyone but Gascon" camp, apparently you can. I'd be curious to know what that difference is.

Posted by Greg on May. 31, 2011 @ 7:28 pm

Gascon pushed for legislation to take away your freedom to sit on a public sidewalk, anywhere in San Francisco.

Gascon tried to scare the people of SFwith the bogeyman of terrorism in an effort to re-start the SFPD Spy Unit so he could spy on San Francisco residents. The same Spy Unit that was disbanded in disgrace after being caught spying on innocent San Franciscans for the ADL.

He also spread fears of terrorist attacks to push a bond issue for more money for police facilities.

Gascon wasted millions of taxpayer's dollars on a boondoggle of a new crime tracking computer system (Compstat) that is to blame for egregious abuse of power in the form of arrest quotas?

Gascon couldn't wait to spend your money on Compstat. He even gave his LAPD buddy Jeff Godown a job running it for a mere $270,000.00 per year. Do you like new quarter million dollar PER YEAR bureaucratic positions being created for politician's friends?

If you like being spied on, having your civil rights stripped away, and your taxes wasted on politician's buddies, then yeah, I guess Gascon is your man.

Also, Sharmin Bock has experience as a prosecutor.
Gascon has experience as a spotlight sucking politician.

Posted by Arnold on May. 31, 2011 @ 8:55 pm

Arnold, you're preaching to the choir about how terrible Gascon is. But I don't necessarily see Bock as any better.

I see two traditional law-and-order conservatives, both wanting to have it both ways on the death penalty (I suspect both closet supporters who are lying to the public to get votes), and neither having much to say about police misconduct.

Saying over and over again that Bock is a prosecutor won't convince me one bit. Experience implies competence, but before I look at competence, I want to make sure of what it is they're going to be competent at doing. In other words, where do they stand on the issues?

If you have two candidates who are both terrible on the issues, both have a program that will take things in the wrong direction... who would you choose -the one that is incompetent at taking things in the wrong direction, or the one who would be brutally efficient at implementing the program?

That said, there are, of course, more than two candidates, as much as the Bock supporters want to gloss over that fact.

Posted by Greg on May. 31, 2011 @ 10:16 pm