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Lumerians work together to create surreal interstellar music on Transmalinnia

Lumerians' new album shares its title with a painting by outsider artist Eugene Von Bruenchenhein.

The tough part was capturing the songs in their perfectly imperfect "nascent state," as Musgrave puts it. "We've always tried to capture those ephemeral moments — it's proven to be very difficult," he explains. "Hard drives crash. Or we'll think we're recording and look over and it's stopped. But the power of inspiration is so powerful you can't pull away — it's like you're in a tractor beam!"

Fortunately, Lumerians doesn't seem destined to perish in obscurity à la Von Bruenchenhein — the combo had just returned from the Austin Psych Fest, where by their accounts, they were the underdog belles, hampered by two power outages during their set. Will bands of the future find their minds blown by dog-eared Lumerians LPs? "I don't know if that's the way I think about it," Musgrave says, "but any artifacts we put out are hopefully worthy of discovery."

"So when the blogosphere forgets about us," adds Melzer, tongue lodged in cheek, "and three months later, we get rediscovered!"  



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