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Straddling the culinary poles of France and Japan, this Brannan Street vault still delivers for fans of American red meat

Wordy service, sure, but with a 20 oz. slab on the menu, Alexander's portions can't be beat

The beef looked splendid — rather on the purplish, rare side, but that was fine. It was also tough. This was a new prime-rib experience for me; in the past it's always been tender, if not quite butter-like. Alexander's meat had a good, rich flavor, but it was hard to separate flavor from texture when texture was calling attention to itself. I've often roasted my own prime rib at the holidays, but I've never had it show this kind of obstinacy.

Pastry chef Dan Huynh's dessert menu is littered with French terms (financier, crème brûlée), along with something called "dark dimensions" ($12) that sounded like an episode of The Twilight Zone but turned out to be a miniature playground of chocolate, including logs of malted chocolate ice cream and a small bowl of popcorn. All was tender.


Dinner: Mon.–Sat., 5:30–10 p.m.;

Sun., 5:30–9 p.m.

448 Brannan, SF

(415) 495-1111

Full bar



Wheelchair accessible


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