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Tyler, the Creator's mental trip channels punk's dystopia

Something's off, in a popular way: Tyler, the Creator of Odd Future leaves the hooks behind for harder stuff.

Goblin is not much of a crossover album, either. There aren't many hooks to hold onto since much of the schizoid discourse replaces formal pop structures. It's a sprawling record, some songs inching toward 10 minutes. The most memorable hook is the anarchic anthem of "Radicals" in which "Kill people! Burn shit! Fuck school!" is yelled in a repetitive chant. It's hackneyed and silly enough to make you cringe. But the chant makes more sense when Odd Future performs live (let me tell you, shit is wild), where a sea of teenagers, and those of teen spirit, tap into the sort of rebellious energy you thought had dispersed into the dust of musical archives. This seduction also comes through in the recording. The beat fumbles sickly and the distorted melodic slime falls away to empty pockets of sound where Tyler calls to the listener: "Odd future, wolf gang. We came together cause we had nobody else. Do you? You just might be one of us. Are you?"


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