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Too much nightlife? Never! Richie Hawtin, Derrick Carter, Louie Vega, Independance, A Club Called Rhonda, Boom!, and a cherry bomb of parties for the long weekend

It's a triple: DJs Derrick Carter, Richie Hawtin, and Louie Vega all hit SF this Friday.

SUPER EGO Whew, it's all a preposterous worldwind of nightlife news and woo-hoo this pre-Fourth week, so let's take a minute to catch up before we put the riot in patriot (and the "tearoom" back in tea party).

First the awful: beloved global "1002 Nights" DJ Cheb i Sabbah was recently diagnosed with dire cancer and is having trouble paying for health care. For 45 years, the Algerian-born DJ and former Living Theatre actor has been spreading worldly musical vibes — the past 30 or so in San Francisco, ensuring our status as one of the most open-eared, innovative places on the sonic map. Read more and help out at

Better news: The Bay's biggest legal outdoor rave, Lovevolution, is back on this year, now on the grounds of Oakland Coliseum (deftly avoiding the war on Fun in SF that forced previous cancellation.) Prepare your fuzzy outfit for Sept. 24 and hit up for details.

Three new party venues opened recently. Chambers (601 Eddy, SF., in the old Bambuddha space in the Phoenix Hotel — it has an amazing "Be Amazing" light-bulb-bedecked sign within its wood-paneled, library-like setting featuring shelf upon shelf of vinyl records. I haven't yet dropped in on Noble (600 Polk, SF., which seems to be taking a more mainstream approach with some yummier stuff thrown in nevertheless, or 11th Street Corridor after-hours spot Beatbox (314 11th St., SF. — no relation to one of our more active party promotions crews ( — but I'm sure I'll be rolling around their floors soon.

Speaking of threes: on Friday, July 1, SF will be hit with three actually legendary DJs at once: Nuyorican Master at Work Lil Louie Vega (9 p.m.–late, $15. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF., Chicago boogaloo-house pioneer Derrick Carter (9:30 p.m.–3:30 a.m., Public Works, 161 Erie, SF., and Detroit-Windsor Plastikman techno wiz Richie Hawtin (9 p.m.–3 a.m., $22.50 advance. Mezzanine, 444 Jessie, SF. The agony of indecision is exquisite. I'm totally setting up a senior shuttle among the three for us frisky old-schoolers.



One day, one of our fantastic young queer-friendly clubs will grow up to be like L.A.'s A Club Called Rhonda — a kiki polysexual house and disco free-for-all that still retains its underground energy even as it draws huge-name talent and, now, tours the country with the awesome Metro Area and House of House. Seriously, can't miss.

Thurs/30, 10 p.m., free with RSVP to Public Works, 161 Erie, SF.



Wild queer-and-beyond Unclear Cabaret, formerly hosted at the Mission's favorite anarchist underground warehouse, goes all legit with this new biweekly at the Stud: Miss Oblivious hosts live music and punked-out "lowered expectations" drag performances galore, with DJs Phatima and M.F.

Thurs/30 9 p.m., $3.99. The Stud, 399 Ninth St., SF. Facebook: Club Cornhole,

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