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Gold Robot's Hunter Mack speaks on the record

Hunter Mack (left) founded Gold Robot Records to help artists he admires, like Graham Hill of Roman Ruins, right

This philosophy extends to designers too. While Mack has created album art for different releases — including the abstract cover for "Pastor/al," a Roman Ruins 7-inch on orange vinyl — most of the artwork is done by other artists. "I know when I was just starting my visual arts career, I would have jumped at any chance to make art for a release. And so I'm trying to give people that opportunity," Mack says. This year, Mack anticipates the release of five new GRR releases, from Not the 1s, Primary Structures, Seamonster, Monster Rally, and Roman Ruins. He acknowledges that this release schedule is very ambitious. "[It's] a lot for me," he says. Despite his mild apprehension, his passion for and love of music is palatable. "I'm not making any money off this," Mack says. "It's solely a project of getting music out and giving music back to the musicians."

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