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Police say it was a mistake to have notorious Officer Bertrand recently back on the beat busting nightclubs

SFPD Officer Larry Bertrand outside Sloan nightclub on June 17.

To many in the nightlife community, Bertrand represents the antithesis of that approach. Mist owner Mike Quan, a plaintiff in the ongoing federal lawsuit alleging Bertrand repeatedly harassed him and his customers, said he was shocked to hear Bertrand showed up at his club and was abrasive with his employees again. "My attorney sent [SFPD] a letter the next day saying this is not acceptable," Quan told us. "Hopefully they got the message."

Mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty, who is close to the nightlife community, helped reach out to Suhr after the incident and said he believes it was an aberration. "This is something that is a concern and the leadership needs to be sure that we're not falling back," Dufty told us.

Appeals also went out to the City Attorney's Office, headed by another mayoral candidate, Dennis Herrera, who said he was happy to hear this was an isolated incident. But he said it illustrates something he's been saying in meetings with clubs and cops — that SFPD's nightlife enforcement policies need to be clear and consistent.

"We need to get it above the ad hoc way we've done it, so that it's above the captain level and coming from the command staff," Herrera told us.

Suhr, who has better relations with the nightlife community than any of his recent predecessors, also emphasized the need to lay out clear expectations. But he stopped short of saying there wouldn't be anymore undercover raids of clubs and parties, telling us, "I think it's important that people think that's a possibility."