Calling the doom tune - Page 2

San Francisco Mime Troupe's new show lambastes apocalypse as capitalist distraction in 2012: The Musical!

Jesus (Michael Gene Sullivan), Nostradamus (Cory Censoprano), and a Mayan priest (Victor Toman) do the apocalypse boogie

But if the story complicates the usual agitprop scenario represented by the fictitious Theater BAM!, it can also be too pat to be wholly satisfying. The excuse offered business as usual by the distracting and enervating fear of the millennium has several sources after all, including the pernicious hard-on by religious demagogues for spiritual redemption in a fiery end (a crowd and pathology wonderfully exposed in SFMT's Godfellas). The solutions as presented here are also less than clear. Getting the airhead Senator Pheaus to save the day by reading a speech crafted by our heroes, instead of his Wall Street handlers, only underscores the idea that such "representatives" are ventriloquist dummies who lean left or right depending on whose forearm is up their ass. Those guys are Theater Bum, and they're overfunded.


Through Sept. 25

Various Bay Area venues, free


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