The foodie crackdown - Page 3

Regulators shut down Underground Market, triggering debate over permits and food safety

From homemade Kombucha to gourmet pizza, the Underground Market was a foodie's playground before it was shut down

"They just want to make it another farmers market," Rabins said. "I'm not interested in running another farmers market. There are plenty of farmers markets around and people who have been doing them for years and know how to do them."

He also isn't interested in conforming to the pre-set expectations and sees the motivation behind the market taking it to new heights. In addition to reopening, he says that ForageSF has secured a kitchen space for helping entrepreneurs launch their small businesses and host public classes.

"We are going to hopefully have a rooftop garden with a movie screen, a retail space in front that sells products being made in the kitchen by vendors, and possibly a small-scale brewery in back," Rabins said.

He is also reaching out to other similar market organizers, such as some in Los Angeles, to brainstorm ways to make this business model more acceptable across the country. He says they are in the initial phases of creating a model that is reproducible for others who want to start their own markets.

Once again, in the place where the organic food movement first bloomed, people are coming together to create new interactions between producers, consumers, and their food.

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