Replacing the Concourse - Page 3

Huge project in Showplace Square begins new residential push in the eastern neighborhoods

Developers propose to replace the Concourse Exhibition Center with 674 homes

Bay West argues that the apartments it plans to build at the Concourse site would be "workforce housing" with less than 1:1 parking (actual parking would work out to .79:1 at the 801 Brannan site and .64:1 at the One Henry Adams site). More than 40 percent of the units would be larger two-bedroom units intended for families.

Yet Kelly says that that by offering the apartments at market rates, none are appropriate for new families. "For all the talk about keeping families here, then how come we're not building family housing?"

It's a max-out project, says San Francisco architect Dick Millet, of the Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association. "In the end, under their breath, they're all going to say, I wouldn't live there myself."

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