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CAREERS AND EDUCATION ISSUE: Gotta work for cheap? Scope out some of the Bay's best internships


CAREERS AND ED In these transition times of underemployment, the internship has become the new entry level position in many industries. Sad but true. So listen up, future interns: look out for you. You're not benefiting much if all you're doing is unpaid paper pushing. Here is a list of internships that'll have you making memories while also helping you gain some great field experience.



A new community center in the historic building across the street from the Balboa BART Station is in the works. Programs there will focus on training underserved youth for careers in the creative industry. Get in on the action with an internship for the digital story-telling program: interns will work as teachers assistants to help children find their voice through multimedia projects. Interns will work one-on-one with kids, helping them with their writing, trouble-shooting technical difficulties, editing projects, and helping to come up with ideas for ways to help or improve the class. The internship is open to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.



Who wouldn't want to intern where Al Capone got locked up? At this National Parks Service internship, participants serve as information experts, providing information about the prison island 1.5 that lies waterlogged miles from the city. Interns get to roam around Alcatraz, helping tourists with directions and additional information and demonstrating the uses of antique prison equipment. They'll have access to behind-the-scenes tours and other activities on "the Rock." Sounds great for those working on their public speaking skills — or History Channel nuts, of course. Open to college students only.



As you may be aware, public media is in need of some good PR these days. Come to its aide — you can train for your sterling career in hype with this public station's communications internship. The lucky mouthpieces picked will assist with outreach, plus research and write for KQED's monthly printed program guides. You'll prepare press clippings, plus scout out print and broadcast media press contacts for program pitching. It's too late to apply for the winter term, but apply by November for the January start of the spring term internship.



If SF's human zoo isn't cutting it for you, get your internship fill of some other animals. For wannabe zoologists it doesn't get any better than being an intern at the San Francisco Zoo. One of its internships involves working in the ZooMobile outreach program, for which interns help bring small animals places like schools and libraries to teach lessons about wild life. You'll get hands-on experience with the ins and outs of zoo operations. The internship starts in September, lasts through June, and is open to college-age students and older folks. Allergy-prone candidates keep looking: all interns must be able to tolerate dust, hay, and animal hair-dander.


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